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I'm a freelance journalist and editor with 15 years experience in print and television. I write for titles such as The Times, The Independent, The Guardian, Psychologies Magazine as well as a wealth of corporate publications. I cover education, careers, parenting and families. As a former Reuters journalist and BBC news and features producer, I can master a brief and deliver accurate copy promptly.

On the commercial side of writing, I offer a professional, friendly service; including writing and refreshing websites, blogging, copywriting, editing, proofreading, and press releases.

"Helena Pozniak is a delight to work with - her copy is always clear and succinct, but at the same time lively and interesting. What's more, she has never - to my knowledge - missed a deadline, and is always full of ideas for possible editorial content." Ben Ross, Travel Editor, The Independent

"It isn’t easy to tailor a message that helps us connect with our clients; that’s when we contact Helena. She’s efficient, accurate, and responsive. We rely on her often to make sure our message is spot on." Ole Rollag, Perfecta Partners


If you are after inspiration, advice or a quote for a writing project, do call or email on +44 7990 518862 or helena@helena-pozniak.com

Previous Work

All spruced up - Beautiful Britain Magazine

“The way we mark Christmas today is much affected by the Victorians. When, in 1848, the Illustrated London News printed a picture of a young Queen Victoria, with her family around a twinkling spruce strewn with garlands, it sent the upper classes scuttling to repeat the scene in their own drawing rooms.”

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Barefoot running

© James Glossop

Barefoot running: the best trainers money can’t buy - The Times

“Taking my shoes off in public is almost as excruciating as the thought of removing my clothes. I have ugly feet, white from winter, lumpy and misshapen. On this barefoot running course, however, no one has pretty feet, especially not the coach John Woodward, who has been pounding the moors, rocks and tarns of the Lake District barefoot for 25 years. He first went barefoot “as a free and hippy sort of thing” and has never really put his shoes on again.”

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Sweet smell of success - Beautiful Britain Magazine

“Colin Boswell is excited. Britain’s leading garlic baron has sniffed out that a warm, spicy garlic – Red Nubian, named after the vivid crimson casing of the cloves – is growing in Sicily, and he’s planning to travel south in search of it.”

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Full-time students will become a rare breed - The Independent

“Distance-learning via video conferencing has been described as about as inspiring as watching bad TV. So when universities and colleges vie to promote their use of technology in teaching, you might be forgiven a sceptical sneer.”

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